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pos hedd in storm recovery.what they'll sandy versus the polls.what you need to know if you want to vote early. and... who's really responsiblfor cutting down r bughtw s. 3 3 thursday, november 1ss. with the rdssclearing and pooer cominggback on...most schools will be open today. today.but there areestill schhols in balmroe and anne prundel countthaa ill be closed.they'reeon the ticker at the ttom of your screen. closed.they'reeon the ticker at the ttom of your screen. 3 3 3 3 3 we were lucky in comparison... meeag to doo.. some ndilrest of our best emergency crews are heading out offtoww. town.megan gilliland is live from the public safety training academm on northern paakway with more on wwere they're headed. 3good morring guys,city crews llft th locatioo ruiv&&lohiin h ppramedicss.. pack up 2 medic uuits and one medical assistance car this morning. knowinn they ave big job ewrs stands at 8 but eto 2.1 million hhmes and ere are businneses still without power. more than 100 homes were yesterday... our maaor... aanouuccd... the eoppe of damage and tragedyyas a result of this
resumed partial serviie in the aftermath of sandy.storm sandy. p new york city's subway system resumed partial service althoogh not yet fully -re - operaaiooal.however, driverr trying to get in and out of the city are still encountering troubleespots. highways and ridges congested and traffic was at a standstill innsome places. ".... i've been driving from 21st ssreet all the way here and the traffic is not moving.." moving...."another step to ggt the city back on ttack is restoringgelectricity.uuility officials hope to fixx te powee outages throughout some chilling new photos eeerge out of new jersey... of the devaatation causeddby sandy.offall the daaagee w've theseeimages are among thhse phattstand out the most for so many americans.take a look t seaside heights efore the storm.... nd then.... after. the most dramatic image... is the iconic rollee coaster... left destroyed. "this is heartbbeaking i livedd fourrh generation here, ii is dg perssy boardwalk has also been damaged and needs replacing. comedian chelsea handler is affeeted bb hurricane sandy. pledged to donnte
, marianne rafferty, ffx news. coming up on the early editionn...saved during hurricane sandy. sandy.the turtle eggs that were rescued from assateaaue island... and the newworn that's at the aquarium's rehab center. ,3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map 40 iberry 3ap & still to come... more stores accually be mmde available... d- the day ábeforeá. 3surviving the wrath... off hurricane sandy.the four-legged newboon... who's pecome a celebrrty at the national aquarium. ((break 2)) ,3 &p3 in all of the bba news we've heard since hurricane sandy.... this mmrning.. a story of a newborn-- with flippers---... who is a real ssrvivor. kathleen cairns has more on this strange storyyyou willl only see first on fox. fox. ii this warehouse in fells point.... ssck seaacreatures are brrught in and rehabilitated. (two shot working on bigger turtle) "so this is a green sea turtle,, the tanks are filled with a variety of species :(far shot)"he's ootiny"but t's the tinnest turtte ttat is now the biggest celebbity.(amber- reveal)"it is a loggerhead sea turtle hatch
.oor crews are expected to stay 7 to 10 days more than 300 thoussnd bge power restooeddsince sandy took down hundreds of trees and so many power lines. but therees still a lot of worr to be donee poel d. ssitis sea n inese e hef..pets weereehere at greenspring ave & hillsiie road ann look.. ((ad lib)) t'ws a )k. ll raneeinve w hatwe hillside roaddand look.... ((ad lii)) that's what's hhppeningere.... now let's ook b a aat power. orked on here ith 16 3 dwoe .. made.. after a huge tree fell on power lines. this morning, the llnes are back up.. with new wooden crosses insulators. we caught up to the cromwell brrthers and their elderry mother. the family is keeping warm inside their homm with help from a a barree fire to keep warm. &3w 3 montgomery county residents are dealing with downed trees pront during the storm.more the than four dozen roadss trhoughout the county closed for downed trees or floodiig. rely w andherelo ground is - iges iafai -33will come downnan usually are." d-c and its maryland suburbss assof yeeterday... rews hadd restoredore han 95-percent of cu
working at theetime. president obama makes his second trip to the northeast since urricann sandy. many parts f the area are stilllrecovering after the storm leveled towns and left areas flooded. flooded.the president touued staten of the areas hardest hit by hurricane sandy.he also stopped at a fema disaster recovery center that provides hot meals and showees and offers victims governmenttheep.pplying for - obama sayss "i promise to everybody that i was sseaking on half of the country when i said we are going to be here until the re have ffllowed through on that coomitment." commitmeet."margi says, "what do you wann them to do? step it up, step it up. come down here, put on a pair of bootss get on a pair of gloves, gett &pout oo your eight-hundred dollars or whateverrsuit, and a look iill show you my house, come in get a little dirty people don't want a ppt on the back saying 'its gonna be okay,' because itts not." not." new york overnor andree cuomo says he will request 30 billionndollars in federal aid to help rrbuild after sandy. 70-year-old love letters washed ashor
power accoss the northeast. sandy illed more thhn 100 &ppeople in 10 states but unleashed the worst of its fury on newwjersey and new york. chris hoenig has the stor. story. in hard-hit staaen island, new york -- exhausted locals -- coming to terms with a "new normall -- after sandy.many, deeling with great loss.mos says: "i don't have anywhere all the clothes i have on they gave it to mm at the evacuation center."mos says: "42 years i'm at my home and i loos it (crying). can't take it."with temperatures dropping week ... a ánor' easter this - the situation for many has become innreassngly dire. &psantiago saas: "it is cold, &pthere is no wattr, ann it is he?) 8 months."fema, how old dispensing close to 200- housing assistancc.aa mann as 40--thoosand new yorkers need a new place to live.cuomo who need ousing solutions righh way and a variety f housing solutions, some short term, some long term"some down dark a week after sandy struck...say thee'll bee -k. worrell says: "(you have hope that you are going to get thru this ok?))yeah, i do, because we see help. if there wassno h
this morning... one weee &pafter super storm sandy made . markssthe start of the first full work week... since sandy hit the york cityyofficials are warning commuters of possible delays and crrwding on buses and trains.many people are expected tt use puulic transportation in thh face of also returninggto schooll authority has loaned 31 buses to new jersee.they'll be usee to shuttll workers intoothe city. the fnal core looked gooo... aaten point win by the ravens over the rowns! but hoo the ravens got that final score has many ans and coaches shaking their heads this morning. the ravenssssart quickly...rookii bernard pierce with his first t- d run ...a 12 yard run the ravens pten goes into hibernation, 6 straight "3 and outs" lets the browns back n the game..this fifth of the game, gives the quarter...but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard catch nd run by &ptorrey smith for the go head touchdown..they add a justin tucker field goal and take a harr fought 25-15 victory. &p3 3 3 3 the ravens now hold a one game the ravens now the raaens now hold a one
they are cleared. people across the easstcoast are still piccing up the pieces... two weeks after super ssorm sandy. sanny.after toughing out thee storm and theeffllowing without power.ii new jersee alone.. more than 175 thousand households are stiil in the promising they won'' stop until power is essoreddtt all households. life will be back for most of pew jersey to normal come sunday. what do i mean by that?? let's start off with power, we backtracked slightly in our efforts to restore &pppwer due to the nor'easter, buu after talking to thee utilities last night and again this morning, my beelef is we will have almost 00 pprcent restoration by saturday nnght. in a press confeeence saturday, the long island getting residents back onliie is the utility'' top priorityy 99 percent of customers will paveepower restored by tomorrow. 3&&pvictims of super storm sand get a helping hand and a hot meal... from heir friends down outh. over the weekend... a group from new orleans served up thousands of meals... including jambalaya... to first by the storm. volunteers say their city got help after katri
following superstorm sandy. new york governor andree cuomo pllns to have aaspeeial commission investigate the of long island residents filed - a class-action lawsuit against them for its response to the storm. it's been tww weekk since sandy hit and almost 50- thousand residents are still waittng forrpower. toddy... on the so-called on - "fiscal cliff". it's a mix off tax increases and spenddng cuts... hatttake effect next year. as martha shade it would plungg the u-s 3conomy back into recession. we want an agreement. we want an agreement. repubbiians and democrats have 48 days to ccme up with that greement, and avoii having the nation goo over the so-caaled "fiscal cceeos o ggt their thoughts. on tuesday, labor leaders weet &ppo tte white house to discuss the tax increases and ssendinn cuts set to take effect in compromise.the president, like that rich people pay tteir fair share. hh's very, very committed to that.if things don't change, tax cuts will expiie for middle-income americans n january. the tax policy center estimatts the aveeage household aces a tax increase of 35--
filed. the patient is o-k..- 3 one week after superstorm sandy victimized the atlantic dorp beach in of garbage.s in the regioo - - can see it piled up in the street... and on lawns.residents are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of destrrction.many have lost everything they own. volunteers are working to deliver foodd water, clothes &p and homeowners are conttnuinn to pick up the pieces ii thh afttrmath of sandy.but thee are being wwrned it could be angerous the food and drug adminnstration says that &start mightthave had a chance to come in contact with ffood infectious diseass r anger of - chemicals spread through flood waters ....fooo needs to be thrown away.and according to the c-ddcc..anything in your house that an't be disinfectee, like many &pneeds to be pitcced.ting, - gasoliie is hard tt come by in new yook and new jersey, rightt now...and some people are caahing in... by selllng it for outrageously high prices &pon craigglisst craiislist.prices advertised on the eb site monday aaternoonn.. were as hhgh as 30-doolars aagallon. bott york'
maryland... where sandy dumped almoot 30 inches of snow in garrett county. urban search and rescue team pf 140 highly trained first responders.they'll be checking wwthout ower.. and helping witt cleaanup and tree removal. the team ii carrying almost 3 million dollars in equipment... and ii coopletely "we're set up to not inundate the locallcommunity with all tteir issues that they're having, so we have a bunch of tents on these vehicles, we may be staying out in the snow." snow."all of the state's resourcessare ow ocused on garrrtt coonty... and the 15- thousand residents still wwihout power. mema has temrrrily moveddits heedquarters there. phe susquehannaariver is still rising... with all the rrnnff from sandy's rain. are now opennat conowingo tess dam... juss before the river spills out into the chesapeake bay.local officials say tte susqueeanna brings pollutants downriver heee to maryland... especiaaly during major storrs. state senator e-j pipkin sayss keeping theebay clean.y... for - ej pipkin, state senator: baa, anybodyywho workk aaong the bay knoww thht when this dam is open an
with - the hit and run.diegel is in critical cooddtion at shock trauma. 3 super storm sandy hit maryland a week ago... but many people lliinn in the western part of the ssate... are stiil in ccean-up mode. mode.about 95-percent of statt anddcounty roads n garrett 3 last niiht... moreethan fivv- thousand peoppe were still without power.members of the - maayland army national guard led search and rescue -3 operations ooer the weekend... - helppng with stranded cars and ccordinating recovery effoott. more than 0-inchhs offsnoo ffll in parts of garrett county during the storm.. 3 25 maryland state ttoopers are -3 in new jersey to help with the &precovery fforts..the group left yesterday from the j-f-k &phighway barrack in & perryville... headed for fort dix, new jerree.the troopers who volunteered for the assignment... havv expertise in areas that include canine tracking, search and rescue, underwater recooery and marine operrtions. 3 president obama is helping with the gassssortaae in new pork nd new jeesey.he's ordered tth purchase of up to 12-million gall
....just over a week after superstorr sandy devastated the region. & region.the powerful winter storm is pounding arts of the an hour. new york ayor michael bloooberg urged people &pin llw-lying rees to go &&psomewhere safer ... nd even ordered theeevacuationnof fourr chronic care facilitiee - pocated in hhrm's way.the nor'easter also put recovery efforts on hold in new jersey. governor chris christie isn't happy about it, but he showed he still has a sense of humor. 3 i hate set backs,,i don't usually tolerate them very well but this one, can't ccntrol. the weather is what it is. (butt to) ct to 08871994 :36 i'm waiting foo the locusts and pestulants next (laughs). (laughs))the stoom is adding &pinsslt o injuuy for more than a half-million ppople still without power after sandy. some long island rail road commuters werr stranded whenn seevice was shut down. thh -3 travelers. hundreds of flightt in ann out of the region have been canccled. the man accused of making the antiiislam film... that stiired up violenne in the middle east... is sente
super storm sandy.ddepite the tweet... weiner says he haa no immediate plans to return toopolitics.weiner says he's remorseful foo the scandal... involviig aa ewd to twitter. colts players shave off their locks for a grrat cause. cause.the n-f-l players, along with sevvral staff, shaved their heads to honor head pagano is in remission, but . sttll schedulee for two more ccemotherapy.he has been on indefinite leaveesince being diagnosed and hospitalized in september.pagano issa former ravens. comiig up on the early diiion... attacked... over aasmart-phone. smart-phonne18:53:299"i was very scared" scared"that national regiitry the government is hoping... will stop anyone rom becoming a victim átwiceá. 3 ((break 1)) ((toss to weaaher)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((trrffic reporttr d libs)) map joel map libertyymap , 40 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" every hour, everyday on ffx45 morning ews through thanksgivi. thaaksgivingg 3 you have 15 mmnutes to call us at 410-481-4545 o claim your p! prize!want to ggt your name in the box?go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore and cll
-i-v inncity clinics. 3hurricane sandy aad a powerffll &pwinter sttrr delivered a one----3 twoopunch to northeaatern staaessas ed payne exxlains... thousands are still wiihoot electricitty... and gasoline is in short suuply. supply. 3 gasoline rationing begins today forr otorists in new - york city and long island who phve spent hours and hourr york mayor michael llomberg saas the move is designed to ease the ffel ccuuch since shortagee coull llst a few more weeks. the best way, we think, to cut down the lines and help customers buy gas faster, to help gas stations - stay open longee and to reduce the potenttal for disorder, is to alternate the ays that driversscan puuchase gas.the wiitee storm piled on the misery for residents who wwre still reelinggfrom ssndy. new - jersey goverror chrisschristie says it could have beee much worse.belieee i or not the snow was incredibly helpful & becauue it wasn't rain and o it helped on the floodinn side. and secondly thh windd were not as severe as they had croos volunteer suuan mmtchell travele
torm sandy.the mayor f brick township, new jersey has alreaay ordered aamandatory eeacuation aheed of the &pstorm... which could hit tonight. governor chris christte says utility companies areedoing a pretty good job restoring power... people baak online...but in new yook... governor andrew comppnies... with hundreds of still in heedark.he staae - cuumo says: "i promise the people of this state that the utilitt companies will be held we will alss learn from this si" situation." new york officials also reparing for the looming nor'easter... keeping out-of-state utility &pworkers in the area as long a needee. coming up... marylann voters mmke some big decisioos... at the polls. polls.the results of the referendum... on same sex parriage. 3president barack obama is re- elected to a second term.the swing states that helped him win and why he says he will be working witt his republican opponent in the future. 3 33 3- the voters have spoken analyzing the resslts of the 45 neww at five..3 3 itts our ffx455 "thanks giveaway!" giveeway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visaagiftcards ever
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